Privacy Policy


Collection of Sensitive Information

As a notary public, I am required to verify the identities of people by examining and keeping copies of personal identification documents including passports, driver licences, identity cards, and utility bills. I am required to retain these as a permanent record.

In addition to the identity verification information listed above, I collect personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of clients and other people who contact me. I may also collect information relating to a client’s employment, membership of professional organisations and positions held, expertise and interests, financial information and family details.

How I Collect Information

When I provide notarial services, clients are required to provide personal identification documents to establish their identities, and I retain permanent copies of those identification documents in my notarial protocol.

When I provide notarial or legal services to a client, I collect the client’s telephone number and email address (where provided) as well as the client’s name and address. I may also collect any other personal information provided to me by the client and any publicly available information about the client, such as information available on a LinkedIn profile or company website.


How I Use Information

Most of the personal identity verification information I collect is never accessed again; it simply remains securely stored as a record in case a court or government authority later questions the validity of a notarial certification or attestation.

Communications between legal practitioners and clients are privileged and confidential, and most of the personal information I receive fits into this category.

I do not provide any personal information which I have collected to any other person or entity unless required to do so in order to comply with a client’s instructions or compelled by a competent authority.

Personal Information Access and Correction

If you wish to request access to any personal information which I hold about you, you may do so by contacting me at the current contact address shown on my website. If any personal information which I hold is incorrect, you are entitled to request correction.