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Excellent guide to self-publishing

by john on December 13th, 2012

A successful self-publisher must fill three roles: Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur, according to Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch in their book APE Author Publisher Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book. The author has the difficult task of trying to put words together which other people are going to want to read. The publisher has to manage the processes of editing, production, pricing and distribution. The entrepreneur needs to find creative ways of marketing the book.

The authors go on to provide a complete guide to these different aspects of self-publishing. The rise of the ebook has made self-publishing easier than ever before, but the lion’s share of the money to be made in publishing is still in printed books, so effective self-publishers need to have a strategy which covers both printed and electronic versions. Amazon is the major player in ebook distribution, and the authors give detailed advice about taking advantage of the facilities which Amazon offers. Advice concerning author-services companies and print-on-demand companies is mostly US-centric, but it still provides useful information for non-US authors, particularly if the US is likely to be a potential market for their books.

Other helpful information includes:

  • The options and costs for getting your book edited
  • How to get an attractive cover and make your book look professional
  • The different paths and options for distributing your book
  • Ways of converting your digital file into the various different ebook formats
  • Building a personal brand and a social media platform

The authors have taken their own advice in writing and publishing this book, and it will be interesting to see how successful their extensive low-cost marketing efforts will be. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and recommend it as a very useful resource for anyone who is considering writing a book.

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